Right to Housing Series

Lunch & Learn (July 7/2021): What Is the Right to Housing?

Invited speakers Michèle Biss (NRHN) and Alyssa Brierley (CERA) joined us to speak about:
● What the right to housing means
● Where the right to housing came from
● How the right to housing can be claimed by marginalized and under-resourced groups in Canada
● What Canada’s new housing rights-claiming mechanisms look like
● How these new mechanisms can be used by individuals and organizations to achieve systemic change in the housing sector, so that everyone has access to a safe and adequate home

Access presentation slides here

Lunch & Learn (February 24/2021): What are your rights when renting?

Invited panelists Dr. Damian Collins (University of Alberta), Sarah Eadie (Edmonton Community Legal
Centre), Roxanne Ulanicki (AHSL Fellow) & Nadine Chalifoux (AHSL Fellow) joined us to speak about:

● What are we talking about when we refer to the right to adequate housing in Edmonton? 
● How are these rights protected in Edmonton? 
● What work remains to be done?