About Us

The goal of the Affordable Housing Solutions Lab (AHSL) is to be a catalyst for expanding the supply, diversity and accessibility of safe, affordable and adequate housing choices in Edmonton, Alberta and beyond. We work to raise awareness of the right to housing and research affordable housing innovations and design.

The lab is a space (not always physical) for people with varied experience and backgrounds to come together and work on complex social challenges and come up with innovative solutions. Problems are reviewed through a systems lens to try to identify and address root causes.

As a “civic social innovation lab,” our work is focused locally and relies on citizen participation that reflects truly diverse understandings of housing affordability and adequacy in Edmonton. The activities of our research groups and the broader work of the lab over the next two years are articulated by The Pivot, a 2-year research program.

AHSL is a partnership between the University of Alberta, MacEwan University, the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Community Development Company. Our team includes:

  • Dr. Joshua Evans, Co-Director (Research), University of Alberta
  • Kalen Pilkington, Co-Director (Innovation), MacEwan University
  • Laura Murphy, Research Coordinator, University of Alberta
  • Rhea Kachroo, Solutions Lab Strategist, MacEwan University

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