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The Financialization of Housing

A phrase that keeps coming up in housing discussions is ‘the financialization of housing.’

Learn about what this is, how it links to our housing crisis and what this mostly hidden phenomenon means for Edmonton:

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What Is the Financialization of Housing?

An introduction to the financialization of housing: what it is, what it means and how we can understand it.

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What types of Financialization

Learn about the following 8 ways housing is financialized: Mortgages; Single-Family Rentals; Multi-Family Rentals; Seniors’ Housing; Social Housing; Student Housing; Short-Term Rentals; & Mobile Home Communities.

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The Role of Transparency

Without knowing who actually owns our housing, how can we understand what is really going on? Much less hold owners and landlords accountable to tenants? Find out why it is so hard to trace ownership, and how this impacts our housing crisis.

The Alberta Advantage

Why is Edmonton’s multi-family housing financialized at double the national rate (by best estimates)? Take a look at several factors that make Alberta, and Edmonton, a hotspot for financialized ownership.

Multi-Family Rentals in Edmonton

How financialized is Edmonton’s Primary or Multi-Family Rental Market?

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Another Housing Policy Paradox (?)

The Federal Government of Canada recently revealed the details of a ban on foreign/non-Canadian purchasing residential properties. Will this have an effect on our housing crisis in Edmonton?