Right to Housing Series

Tenant Organizing / What IS the Right to Housing? / What are your rights when renting?

Realizing the Right To Housing Together:
Tenant Organizing

Evening Panel (Nov 30/2022)
AHSL Principles

Resources & Information:

Hamilton Tenants Solidarity Network

Alberta ACORN

Herongate Tenant Coalition

Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario

Tenant empowerment is one way to access the right to adequate housing, and can be in many forms — including tenant organizing (Edmonton’s history. Yet tenants rarely organize, even in places where there is a legal right to form tenant associations.

This event explores where and how tenants have been organizing and mobilizing in Canada —  featuring representatives from:

  • Hamilton Tenants Solidarity Network
  • Alberta ACORN
  • Herongate Tenant Coalition
  • Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario

Note: Given the nature of this topic and panel discussion, this event was not recorded. However, we shared back some of the key messages and information shared at the event.

What Is the Right to Housing?

Lunch & Learn (July 7/2021)
Access presentation slides here

Just like food, water and oxygen, housing is essential for human life – this is an indisputable fact. Yet there can still be confusion around what a rights-based approach to housing even is, what it means, and how it can be applied.

Rethinking and relearning what we know about housing, and through a rights-based lens, can be challenging.  So we invited experts Michèle Biss (NRHN) and Alyssa Brierley (CERA) to speak about:

● What the right to housing means
● Where the right to housing came from
● How the right to housing can be claimed by marginalized and under-resourced groups in Canada
● What Canada’s new housing rights-claiming mechanisms look like
● How these new mechanisms can be used by individuals and organizations to achieve systemic change in the housing sector, so that everyone has access to a safe and adequate home

In Edmonton: What are your rights when renting?

Lunch & Learn (Feb 24/2021):

Hear from our invited panelists
Dr. Damian Collins
(University of Alberta),
Sarah Eadie
(Edmonton Community Legal Centre),
Roxanne Ulanicki
(AHSL Fellow) &
Nadine Chalifoux
(AHSL Fellow)
who discuss:

● What are we talking about when we refer to the right to adequate housing in Edmonton?
● How are these rights protected in Edmonton?
● What work remains to be done?