Upcoming Event: Housing Post-Pandemic

Not Back to Normal: Housing Post-Pandemic

Part of the Pandemonium: Urban Studies and Recovering from COVID-19 lecture series from Simon Fraser University.

Normal was not good enough before the pandemic — especially when talking about housing affordability, access and sustainability. Our Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy is currently under review, toward a revised Metro 2050 plan. How should we think about key aspects of this and other local and regional plans, in light of the pandemic? For example, strategy 4.2 of our regional plan seeks to “develop healthy and complete communities with access to a range of services and amenities.” For those struggling, now as before the pandemic, to find housing that is suitable for their household, affordable and in good repair, and located in a neighbourhood where they can access what they need, changes are needed in the direction we are heading, away from what was sadly considered “normal” pre-pandemic.


Yushu Zhu
Assistant Professor, SFU Urban Studies

Guest speakers

Laura Colini
Senior Policy Advisor, EU UIA/URBACT

Niamh Moore Cherry
Associate Professor, School of Geography, University College Dublin

Erin Rennie
Senior Planner, Metro Vancouver

Rebecca Schiff
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Health Sciences, Lakehead University

Sierra Tasi Baker
Sky Spirit Consulting

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