Upcoming Event: Tough Enough to Survive, A Virtual Discussion Panel

Upcoming Event: Tough Enough to Survive, A Virtual Discussion Panel

The Affordable Housing Solutions Lab would like to invite you to a symposium on durability in affordable housing.

Join us on March 10th! Find all the details and register here.

Affordable By Design? Exploring ‘Durability’ in Affordable Housing

About this Event

Organizations that operate affordable housing need a building that is efficient and durable and which meets all the essential safety and health requirements of the residents who live there. Innovations in building design and construction can help organizations achieve the goal of providing affordable housing in perpetuity.

This symposium will explore how future building design and construction practices can be informed by the experiences gleaned from currently operating buildings. We have 8 guest panelists that will engage in a discussion panel followed by a Q&A.

The specific theme for this symposium is ‘durability.’ Over the course of the symposium, experiences from builders, developers, and affordable housing organizations will be shared. The aim is to condense the learning that emerges into a Handbook for Durable Design, which can be disseminated to affordable housing organizations and developers.

Our panelists:

Cam MacDonald, Right at Home Housing Society

Mark Hoosein, Capital Region Housing

Rob Appleyard, Brentwood Communities

Cole Lehto, Homeward Trust Edmonton

Cheryl Whiskeyjack, Bent Arrow

Dave Ward, Ambrose Place

Greg Christenson, Christenson Communities

Murray Soroka, Jasper Place Wellness Centre