Tough Enough to Survive? – A Virtual Symposium on Durability in Affordable Housing

On March 10, 2021 representatives from eight community housing providers gathered for a virtual meeting to discuss innovations in building design and construction. The conversation was rich and went beyond the physical structure of housing to explore the meaning of durability in the fullest sense of the term.

The virtual event was co-sponsored by the Affordable Housing Solutions Lab, Green Violin Community Development Company and Engineering at Alberta. The graphic below captures some of the learning that emerged out of the event.

The organizers would like to acknowledge the creative work of the Engineering Connects team who took notes during the event and translated these notes into the graphic above. This team included:

  • Sebastian Holmes 
  • Ashmit Kaur Gulati 
  • Clinton Nash 
  • Keaton Dixon-Reusz 
  • Danielle Morris-O’Connor